I've been playing my acoustic guitar for about six months now, getting better each and everyday, and I think that it's time to buy some decent strings instead of the purchasing the cheap ones.

Long story short, what strings would you recommend? I'm not sure if a guitar has to have specific requirements for strings, but I have an Ibanez acoustic.

I've heard that Elixer strings are quite nice. I just noticed there is a Polyweb and Nanoweb? Is there a difference between the two?
I'd also prefer the strings to be in the "Light Gauge" criteria, if possible.

I appreciate any help that is recieved. Thanks.
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i have the same exact question with same guiat and im going to guitar center tomorrow to buy strings so any help would be awesome
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you need acoustic strings...i would suggest dean markley or GHS light guage .09's
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elixers are pretty nice on acoustic/electrics.

i use them when i want to treat myself. as they run about 12 bucks a set.
bright sound, easy on the finger tips, last a little longer cause of the coating.

all i think mine are a blue box. i forget which coating, but alot of times they only have one type in my local store.
but im sure ive used a few types by now, dont really have a preference.

less expensive but still nice are DR strings. a bump up would be the DR coated strings, pretty sure they have them for acoustic and for electric.

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Once I switched to the Phosphor Bronze Elixirs, I've been crazy about them.

They sound amazing .
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I just bought some elixirs yesterday, and god damn...

I Can't believe I used anything else. :O