Anyone a fan of them (or really "him")? He writes some good poppy folk tunes and I've been getting into him a bit as of late. He's put out albums as the Danielson Famile, but on his newest album, Ships, he's going simply as "Danielson".

Always considered picking up something by them under the Danielson Famile as they've always shown up on Secretly Canadian's store when I've bought Songs: Ohia and Impossible Shapes stuff, but always given up in the end. The name has always slightly put me off, but 'Ships' has been getting nothing but good reviews, so I half asked for it when sending something back to Rough Trade.
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i want to like him, but when I dled ships it was like nails on a chalkboard to me, I;ll retry the album again later on.
Ships is fantastic. Though I would have to say my favorite song would def. be Did I Step On Your Trumpet.