Simple question...can I put in, without modification, a single coil pickup in the bridge pickp cavity of a strat, even if that cavity is routed for a humbucker? Will it fit, and more importantly, will the sound be effected? (I don't see why it should, but would just like to know).
Thanks for any help
Don't think it'll affect the sound aslong s you fasten it in there propperly. There are stencil like things you can get so the single coil will fit in there. Or, you can just rig a single coil up to a humbucker holder.
I've seen them fitted into the cavity by being inside a plastic case that fills the cavity and holds the single coil in the middle.
I think it would be easier to just make a coil split option for the humbucker with a push pull pot, so the humbucker would just function as a single coil.
Of course, this is assuming your humbucker is a 4 conductor type.
The neck pickup on my strat is a single coil mounted on a Humbucker cavity, as long as your pickguard holds it you are ready to go.