In a couple of days, maybe a week, I'll be takin a trip to guitar center to buy a new amp to use for my band, The Coldcuts . I play mostly rock music with some punk and metal added into the mix. Obviously, I'll be trying out a bunch of different amps, but I was just wondering if you nobel fellows had any suggestions for amps I should consider. I want to spend around 600 USD, but I could go higher if it really caught my eye. Don't consider yourslef too much with price when you make suggestions.

One amp that I'm definetly going to check out is the Peavey ValveKing 212...100W tube amp for 580 bucks looks good...maybe too good. I'm not fully set one way or the other on tube or solid state either. Solid States have their upside too. Just suggest any amps you think would suite me well. Almost anything would be a big step us from my Marshall MG15 right about now

Thanks a ton
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yeah, I've heard good things about those...but bad things about hybrids in general...I'll check em' out
Guitar Center is not a Peavey Dealer, so, you won't find the Valveking there. I did demo one at another store. They are pretty nice, especially for the price.
Look for some some Vox's, maybe an AV60VT.
Look for some cheaper valve amps too, and maybe some more expensive ones too, and if you like them, you can buy used for cheaper, saving a lot of money for a better amp.
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whoah...guitar centers not a peavey dealer!?!? thats not good, I was really excited to try the Valve King...i'll have to find it somewhere else. Where else could I find one for the MF $580 price?

About the used situation, my parents are very adamant about me not buying stuff used...they're paranoid. I think I'll try to convince them again.

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Yeah, I shop almost exclusively at Guitar Center. I was somewhat disappointed to find out that they don't have the Valve King either. All the reviews are good. I played a Les Paul through the Valve King 100 head, I liked it. Check around other stores and see if they price match. A lot of stores are getting the message about overpricing as they are getting stomped by internet sales.
try a peavey classic 30 as well, i have one, i love it, it can do van halen/rhoads level of gain without a boost
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classic series = sex. good stuff I just bought a classic 50 4x10 combo and i absolutely love it. Peavey is where it's at man.