I always hear it's harder to play acoustic (which is what I play)
So if I ever switch to electric I'll play easier/better
I also play acoustic, and I found that electric guitars are easier to press down on strings with. That's just IMO though.

I'm not too sure on what else there is.
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most electrics have thinner strings and lower actions than acoustics. That might lead to people forming the opinion that they're harder to play. It really all just comes down to personal preference. You're not going to suddenly become way better at playing just because you've switched to an electric.
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Plus you don't really need to strum all that hard if you turn the volume up on a electric. I would say that an acoustic is harder to actually play. But I think it's best to learn on an acoustic so you don't spoil yourself. When I see people that only play metal on a electric and they try out my acoustics they can't even bar a chord.
In order to get volume and tone acoustics need big strings, and big strings means big tension. Big tension means big effort to play big strings. And higher action on acoustics too, which also means more effort - not sure of the exact reason though. Maybe to prevent noise?
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acoustic strings are thicker, so that makes things like bends, slides, and hammer-on/pull-offs more difficult to pull off
I prefer acoustic more. Electric strings melt when I play them cause I play 4 billion notes per second.


But really, IMO, Acoustic is more challenging, more satisfying to play on. I also like the idea of carrying my guitar around my house and not having to pull my amp with me.
people would die, right honkey? wouldn't you have to bring it down to more like 2000 notes per second?
First thing I noticed when I got my electric guitar is that the amp kind of hides your mistakes. On acoustic all your little slip ups stick out.
Electric is easier cuz you can just crank up the Overdrive and even if you miss a fret or it buzzes you still sound cool... You actually have to work at Acoustic.
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starting on acoustic is great for building callouses on all of your fingers, as well as strengthening your hands due to the high action and thick strings...it may take you weeks to finally achieve a full-sounding barre chord on an acoustic, but once you move to electric it'll be effortless
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Thanks I understand
Kinda sounds I should play acoustic longer before I start electric
Electric is so much easier, however, when I play loud on an amp, I find that my mistakes stand out. Actually, more than they stand out on an acoustic. Maybe it's just me.
Well simply because my guitar isnt a cutaway and the body starts at 15th fret I can't barre on 10th-12th fret. But yeah electric is very easy to barre on.
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