Who here likes ABRB? They are one of my favorite hardcore bands and i dont see them talked about much here. If you haven't heard them, check em out here:

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I absolutley love them, some people say their generic but I dont care because their amazing.
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yea just picked up their cd Allegiance ****ING SICK!@!!!!!
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They have become all of the scene kids new favorite band lately near these parts.
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um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
I've only heard a few songs, and I can understand the "generic metalcore" moniker, but I really like what I've heard. The guys in the band seem really young, so I'm sure there will only be improvement.
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They have become all of the scene kids new favorite band lately near these parts.

yeah, thats what i thought, arent they like a famous-through-myspace band?
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bleh, this band sounds like everyone else my dear lord. wow, iv noticed i cant really listen to this type of music anymore, its all soo generic and **** now. so many scene kids just jump after these bands like they are gods.


i mean just look at there name!

"as blood runs black"?

what? WTF!
What the **** is this?

yeah. no thanks.
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RHCPhysco for the win.

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So I guess they are hardcore in that case? Not too bad actually
personaly i really like their riffs and the high and low in the vocals
and the double bass is sick son
personally i feel that ABRB is very very talented. Some may call them generic but i think the overall little touches that they put on songs make them great. For instance the double bass at the end of My Fears Have Become Phobias is absolutely insane. The guitar and vox and bass are all very good too. Everyone in the band is talented and can play there instruments. The guitarists even throw in some solos....solos in hardcore i can dig it . Well thats just my opinon but i htink they are a very good band.
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amazing band not really breakdown beatdown hardcore kinda grindcoreish fast 2step music that should totally play a show with my bitter end in 607
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I only watched the video on myspace but I'm pretty damn impressed. The guitar work as well as drums and vocals are amazing. I think I'm gonna go pick up there cd. And I love Ernies ESP.
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They are probably one of the best bands out right now a little tipical but other than that they're amazing.
After listening to them, they sound basically like every other up and coming Death Metal band. I prefer Elysia personally.
I can already guess exactly what this band will sound and look like.

I'll see if my predictions are right..
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I think I'll check out the album anyway. Don't know why I could just listen to more Cryptopsy and Suffocation.
Don't know why anyone would ever listen to boring deathcore instead of death metal when in the mood for something brutal.
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um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
Psht, please... my band played with these guys and after we spent 50$ bucks at jack in the box. THen we went to my drummers house and we all got drunk and high. I have pics to prove it.

They're funny as hell
Great band, nick(the bassist) is a great guy (hung out with him last night). I think before the break of dawn is their best song www.myspace.com/abrb
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i just listening to them for the first time today

and well, they didnt really stick out to me
nothing special in my opinion
i love that band there so fast. they got some talent fo sho. i think im going to see them in a few weeks with a friend.
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