Is there some software I can download to remove the guitars so I can here the bass? Some songs are kinda tough in some places to hear the bass line.

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that's probably nearly impossible. just use an equalizer to turn down the mids and highs and turn up the bass.
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probably not.... it might be easier just to try and download just the baseline from somewhere.... but maybe i have no idea really
get guitar pro 5 and download the tabs of the song you want and just turn down all the volume of the all the instruments but the bass down
Since a song is.. uh.. mixed together, you can't REMOVE the guitar from a song... but you could probably play some with EQ like another guy said here...
MIDI is your friend.
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Tascam sells a bass trainer that might do something like that.

Trainers usually just slow down the song so that it's easier to learn.

I could be wrong of course.
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Trainers usually just slow down the song so that it's easier to learn.

I could be wrong of course.

Yeah you're right. I have the Tascam trainer and just boosts the bass EQ and can slow tracks down.
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Well, if your stereo has bass boost it's a good idea to check that's turned on.
I just spent a fair bit on some Sennheisser (sp?) headphones and I can really recommend them. The first thing I noticed when I put them on was how loud the bass was, and it's now so much easier to hear the bass lines.
.... not that that had anything to do with software, just a few hints.
i saw someone isolate the voice on a mixed record, so i supposed it's possible with bass to. BUT, he used some complex algorhytms and stuff (it was for a demonstration), so it's not worth the trouble.

try GP or just make up your own stuff for the song