i want to try and play bass so i need someting that is cheap in case i dont like it but is still good enough that ill still want to play it if i get into playing. my limit is around 180$usd. i been looking at the sx basses on rondo and also this esp bass and a drive begginer thing. i already have a amp.

what do you think?

ps: im also confused about what sounds you get out of diffrent types of pickups. what type is best for straight up rock?
esp isnt that bad for a beginner bass, but pickups arent really a factor in straight up rock n roll. i suggest you use a pick for a more straight up sound.
I really know nothing about bass guitar, being a guitarist and all, but I can tell you the kind of pick-ups on a Fender or Squier Precision Bass are great for rock music. Sometimes, some basses can have those pick-ups and jazz pick-ups both on the same bass for a versatile sound. That ESP bass would be great for versatility. The Drive beginner pack would be good if you didn't have an amp. If I were you, considering you have an amp already and you can just go and buy a good amp chord and possibly a pick (unless you finger pick), get the ESP.
okay thanks ill probably go with the ESP. i have a few other questions about starting up on bass. any other tips would be awesome. you guys are really a great help

does it matter what type of strings i use?

how many watts should my amp be so its loud enough to practice with a band?
You will want about 80-150 watts if you want to be heard over the drummer. ANy more is great, but those are your minimums.
some strings have a brighter sound than others, i would recomend DR high beam strings
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The esp looks good. For straight up rock i would go with a Squire p bass (precision bass) or a Squire jazz bass. You can buy them in a package off ebay for cheap. I learned on one and i still enjoy playing it. The esp is a nice bass though. My main advice to you is spend most of your money on your amp. A good amp can make almost any bass sound good. Beringer makes some great beginner combos.
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My main advice to you is spend most of your money on your amp. A good amp can make almost any bass sound good. Beringer makes some great beginner combos.

yeah i know what you mean but right now im just trying to see if i like playing or not. i have one of the worst amps right now, a rogue. but if i like playing i will probably get a new one.
behringer makes really good bass amps i have a 30 watt and it sounds great but they make a 60 and a 90 that are pretty cheap and are amazing
also that rouge amp may sucj but rouge makes good guitars. i bought a 4 string a few months ago and it sounds great and i only paid like 150 for it
Go on Craig's List and find a used Carvin bass. They have the best action necks for the price, and they cost much less used than new. If you don't like the tone, you can always get different pickups later--I've always liked the way the pickups sound, so I never have replaced them. You will not regret getting a Carvin.

One thing you need to know about playing any stringed instrument is that if the action on the neck is too high (meaning the strrings are way off of the fingerboard), it will stress out your fingers, and you will lose interest quickly. Do yourself a favor and get a bass with a fast playing neck, like a Carvin LB-20, LB-70 or a bolt. Get a 4 string to start off to get familiar with the neck against popular songs. Don't sell yourself short by getting a cheapie bass brand new--they generally have poor action and cheap electronics. I have two friends who have bought Carvin basses (through my recommendation and by trying them out at my home against Fenders and other basses), and they will not play anything else. The one friend that didn't listen to my advice bought a Squier bass and is no longer playing bass. A good neck makes all the difference in learning to play.