What are the best pickups for an Ibanez 1570? I'm looking for all-around great pickups. I want something that will pick up pinch-harmonics VERY well. I'm generally looking for a great lead guitar sound. I'm looking for a tone to match guitarists like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Tom Morello, and similar guitarists.

I would want to replace all of the pickups. That means a Bridge Humbucker, a Neck Humbucker, and a Single-coil in between. So basically something that'l give me a good lead tone, allow me to play great cleans and have a good tone while playing with distortion.

Thanks to all
Well i dont know much about that guitar but im gunna say go with a Dimarzio FRED DP153 in the neck and a Dimarzio Evolution DP159 in the bridge and probably a Dimarzio VirtuAL 2 DP408 in the middle. That'll give you Vai's tone in the bridge, satch's in the neck and a nice clean sound in the middle. Although remember Vai and Satch do actaully have quite different tones and if your looking to use it with lots of effects like Morello does i'd put the FRED in the bridge and get the PAF JOE in the neck, this would give you a set up very much like joe's. I'd definently have a virtual 2 in the middle cos having a nice clean tone is important.
im sure ill catch alot of hell for saying this but i tried it and I swear it works. if you use any PAF style humbucker and offset it about 3/32 of an inch it will pick up artificial harmonics a hell of a lot better and more random then any other pickup out there. but i would only do that on the neck pup. it works GREAT. as for the others i dont really know.
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I'd go with a PAF Pro for the neck and a Tone Zone for the bridge. I don't have much experience with single coils, so I can't reccomend one for you. The PAF Pro is a great soloing/shredding pickup. It'll be great for all of the artists you mentioned. The Tone Zone is your jack of all trades. It does all styles very well. It seems like you want soloing more than cleans, but if you don't. Try an Air Norton in the neck instead, it's got some of the best cleans.
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try a yngwie in the middle
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