Hi i have some questions about some guitar pedals i went into the store yesterday and tried out a Vox V847 wah and a BF-3 Flanger

The store doesnt have a vox v848 and i was wondering does V848 sound better than the V847?

And should i get a DFL-10 instead of a BF-3 Flanger?

I also play mostly offspring punk and rock and rage against the machine and also what does an Equalizer pedal do exactly?
I've not tried a V847, but I have the V848 (Clyde McCoy), and I love it, it's exactly what a wah should be, simplistic, and sound amazing, very Hendrix-y.
Coming from people who've played both, the Clyde is more vocal and a bit smoother and sweeter sounding.

The Clyde also has true bypass and an AC 9v jack.
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yea the v848 is an extremely cool pedal, i tried one yesterday WOOOT......but yea it is an extremely smooth wah sweep, i dont know why but i just preferred the sound i got from my v847, maybe it was helped with the lower price tag and only slightly harsher sweep, but its just a matter of compairing them for yourself........the BF-3 is another extremely nice pedal, i normally dont use flange but it seemed pretty cool, they only thing i'd have to say about boss in general is the lack of true bypass, but that can normally be easily sorted
An equalizer pedal is one that can boost or cut different frequency ranges to shape your tone. It's often used as a filter for a weaker tone (Bad example: "american idiot" intro), or to boost a certain frequency range for solos.