This has probably been done a thousand times before, but i coulndn't find any other threads so I'll just ask. Anybody know any good songs for a fiver? All the ones i currnetly know now are getting boring and i could use some recomondations. No dream theater please.
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try some primus
when les plays his 6 string he doesnt always use his higest string
so you could use it
my name is mud
sgt. baker
tommy the cat
that'll keep ya busy!
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deadsy (if you have heard of them)
newer ozzy stuff

what i do, is i take songs i know, and use the B string instead of the D string. (thats above a B on the D string) its quite fun. i was in a punk band and i used my B string in every song. it sounded cool
hmmmm.... The Sickness and Believe era Disturbed (John Moyer doesn't use the 5 string as much, but it's still there...), older Mudvayne (and a little newer, e.g. Happy), Cradle of Filth, Trujillo era Metallica (so now, basically, and a little Newstead Metallica stuff)
Lots of Chevelle is easily doable with a five stringer... but I'd say go with Primus.
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Cradle Of Filth

Most (maybe all) of the Cradle tabs here are are tabbed for 4 string though, but cradle uses a fiver
Thanks for all of the suggestions, I'll probably end up learning most of them since my summer is extremely boring
Are you ready for some hardcore man on Manatee action?