i got a brand new G&L L2000 black/black bass. really awesome. its all good and and everything except when i tune it to drop C, the strings on the 3rd and 4th string raddle constantly, they do it on certain frets when its in standard tunning but not as bad as when its in drop C, is there a way i can raise the strings from the neck? i know there is a bolt at the nut, i tried adjusting that, didnt seem to work, and i just didnt feel like stripping it anyways. any ideas?
do not adjust the screw at the nut!! THAT IS YOUR TORSION ROD AND IF YOU BREAK IT YOUR NECK WILL BE RUINED! you can probably raise the bridge if not individual saddle peices. if you dont know what you are doing, take you bass to a pro and watch him so you only have to pay him once. it should be like $20 for strings and all
Guitars are like voices... only with distortion...
on second thought if youve alerady adjusted the torsion untill its tight, loosen it back up and THEN adjust the bridge or take it to a pro.
Guitars are like voices... only with distortion...