ive always thought about if I was using the right pick or not, ive only tried 2 diffrent picks, Dunlop 2.0 mm the really hard thick one's, and these "big Stubby" one's, but there just a tiny more flexible and a lot thinner, but there plastic so they wear faster.

I like the thick solid one's just cuz they give the strings more a deep bass sound whereas the thinner one's give it a more crisp sound. Another good thing about em, is that it will take me about 4 days to even begin to wear out the pick there so strong.

But the thinner one's there easier to drum with, and just feels a little better. I dunno I wanted ur guy's opinion
i tested all Dunlops from 0.88 to 2.00 mm. These 1.5 dunlops with that crocodil-head on are the best for me. I cant play accuratly fast with small picks.