Anyone out there heard this great English band?
They do the theme song for the movie Sin City and some other great tunes as well.
If you havn't then download these tracks:

Cells (Sin City theme song), Body, Orchestra, I can walk in your mind and Liquefy

All by a great indie band called The Servant. Please i'd love to hear what anyone thinks about them.
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yes ive got all of their songs, what strikes me as wierd is that the sin city soundtrack (cells) sounds nothing like any of their other stuff, its more acoustic and vocal based stuff. But yes i dont think many people know of them, havent listened to them in ages..
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I hope you're kidding dude. They won't even have a drum section, why would they have a car tyre section?
Oh rite. Yea i guess so but it does have some distorted guitar parts when the song builds up. Do you know what their album is called?
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