I'm looking for an all tube amp to replace what I have now.

Right now I'm using a Behringer v-tone through a solid state fender, and it's alright to play around with, but I need something with considerably more serious tone.

I'm on a very limited budget (see broke 20-something guy working at a liquor store) so I can't go springing for $3000 heads and $1000 cabs. Less than a grand would be nice, less than half a grand would be a godsend.

I need something that can handle small venue gigs, and something that would be good for recording, so I'm not looking for a 100 watt monster.

I want something with a lot of crunch, something that if I want it to can melt faces, but I don't want something that's just a gain monster and nothing else. I want something that has shades of grey.

I play a variety of stuff, but think early 90's alternative for a good point of reference.

I'm going to be getting a les paul style guitar (Agile AL with hot pups) soon, if that information helps at all.

Any suggestions?
Fender Hot Rods are always good. They're pretty cheap and have 3 channels. Very versatile and professional sounding amps.

Then there's the Peavey Valveking, which is cheap and has high gain, but sounds a bit compressed at maximum settings.

I've heard good things about Ashdown amps, although I have no experience with those, I'll recommend trying them out as well.
For about $800, I'd highly reccomend a Kustom Coupe '36 or '72. They have crisp Fender cleans, but also balls to the wall distortion. I know that's slightly above what you want to spend, but they're the most versatile, reasonably priced tube amps I've come across.
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I don't really like Fender distortion, it tends to be too bluesy and Fender's not really known for crunch.
A combo would probably be more up my alley. The Peaveys are looking pretty good. I might check out some of them at the shop.
I'm a fan of the Marshall sound, but from what I hear, Marshall's low end stuff is just plain garbage.
Maybe a used JCM900 combo on eBay, or elsewhere.
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If you live in the US definitely check out eBay. You can usually find some good deals, my mate got a perfect condition 100W JCM900 Dual Reverb head for £300 on eBay in the UK.
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- Squier Standard Strat
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- Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde
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Marshalls are a little more dear in the US, afaik.

Still within your budget, though?
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- Squier Standard Strat
- Roland Cube 60
- Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde
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Used is the way to go.

Laney gh50l
Ampeg vh100
Carvin legacy or V3

All can be had for under $1000
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If you want a very versatile, Marshall-y sounding amp, then the Traynor YCV50 Blue is definitely worth looking into. It has great cleans, and a very crunchy distortion. With the gain boost activated on the lead channel, it has a fair bit of gain as well (although, it won't completely melt faces). I have one and I completely recommend it. Here's a link:

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B-52 for the win

seriously a 100w amp, triple rectifying amp that you can choose between an all tube path, tube and solid state path (hybrid), or all solid state path, giving you the exact sound you've dreamed about in your head. all for under $800
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