Now i have been reading that so many people have this kind of tuner
Korg Guitar Tuner----> http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Korg-GA30-GuitarBass-Tuner?sku=210526
but now i am regreting the tuner i got, i got a Korg chromatic tuner and i was wondering would that make my guitar not tuned right? Also is that tuner for something else because i did get it at a guitar center but i am afraid that it isnt ment for a guitar. So please help me out
(My Tuner) Korg Chromatic Tuner--> http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Korg-CA30-Chromatic-Tuner?sku=210527
If anything... chromatic tuners are usually more accurate and of a higher quality.

And yes, you can use it to tune a guitar.
In addition to getting a tuner, I suggest learning to tune by ear. It's an amazingly useful skill to have. Definitly get the tuner if you need it, but pay close attention to what in tune sounds like, and pratice putting your guitar in tune by ear. Also consider learning harmonic tuning, it's more accurate.

Here is an excelent article for you.

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Threadstarter, your tuner is actually nicer then the other Korg one you posted. The real difference is that well the Korg Guitar tuner can only hit a few different notes, your Chromatic one can hit EVERY note in western music.

As long as you are tuning your guitar to standard E a d g b e tuning (low string to high) you are doing just fine.
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Yeah, the chromatic one is nicer than the GA-30. Just make sure you have the frequency set to pick up at 440 hz. That's the frequency for guitar. Do that, and you should have no problems.
Oh ok that makes me feel relieved to know that i didnt just get any tuner i got a pretty good one. Well thanks for your help. And i will try to learn to tune the guitar by ear. Thanks again!