I believe there's something wrong with me
you see
Sometimes I just wanna fly
Sick and tired of this life
You know what I mean

But I am only seventeen
and I wish I could enjoy this life more
And I think the only remedy is
to let it all go, let it all go sometimes

You know, I still think about your face
I know we're past tense but I'm stuck in this place
As a rock I lie still in the river of time
Wishing I could go back when you were still mine

But I am only seventeen
and I know in my heart there are more fish in the sea
And I think the only thing to do is
to let it all go, let it all go sometimes

Lately I get tired of hearing myself complain
about the things in this world that just don't stay the same
Wake up stop living this dream
Into the real world where it isn't as bad as it seems

Cause' I am only seventeen
and my heart lies somewhere else from where it has been
And I know in order for things to change
I have to let it all go, let it all go
This time...

Thank you for reading, any help is appreciated. Some notes:
I am not a native English speaker, so if there is anything wrong with grammar and such I am happy to see you correct me. Furthermore I'm not too proud of the thid verse, the last two lines of that verse to be exact. Any suggestions for something else is appreciated. Thank you!
Who dares wins
Some lyrics to look at, any help is appreciated:
thanks for the crit on mine and yeah i actually think that this is a really good song. I think the third verse is fine and the last two lines aren't bad. I think your grammar is fine and don't see anything that I would change I don't think. wouldn't mind hearing it sometime.
i rlly lykd this 1. u really hit the nail on the head an very well worded 4 a non native speaker as u said. crit my songs in my sig plz
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