Me and two friends started a band a few years back, but we didnt really take it seriously until last year. We have been getting together and jamming a lot, but so far we only do covers. We have never entered a competition, our only audience is ourselves and a recording device. I think we have a long way to go before we write any songs, as we can only play 2 or 3 covers decently (not flawlessly) However, our drummer/ rythym guitarist has been itching to get us to write something. Should we try and create our own piece of music? Or would it end up being crap?
Why not experiment? It is all for fun. If it doesn't come out good, just trash it or keep working on it. If its fun, do it.
you sound like your still nowhere near doing a gig, so tell your rhythm guitarist/drummer to qrite something and you'll try it out, its not like you are rushing towards getting a be all and end all gig and need to be perfect for it in a month.
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you must of made a few riffs over the years :p if not just try create some.... ny good ones put them forward and try to expand on them and write lyrics etc. maybe the song will be good...maybe it will suck :p
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Thanks for the comments, I guess we have done a few experiments, but we keep going back to the chord progression for 'Collide'... I'm just afraid we'll end up creating a Wake Me Up When September Ends/Collide/Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Hotel California cross... and not even realize it...
You don't have anything to lose. The only thing you might run into while writing original songs is that you're either good at it or you're not. But you should give it a try. I would respect an original band that can write good music more than I would respect a cover band that plays everyone else's music.
Just play around writing some riffs and stuff. Try adding onto it with another guitar. If you happen to have something that will record guitar so that you could play over it, it would be even better. Just jam and see which genre of music you want to write with your band. Like I said earlier, it is all for fun. Once guitar and a band loses its fun and it just seems like work, it is time to step back and remember why you first started to play.