This is a bit embarrsing but anyway............... alot of the time when i go to do a wide vibrato on the high E string it slips off the fretboard making a weird noise. Its very annoying ! I konw people like Hammett do it on purpose sometimes but i dont. Any help?
bend the string the other way, thats the quickest and easiest fix you could get.
Yeah, as jndietz said, bend, or atleast pressure the string the other way (which in your case of the High E String, bend or pressure the string upwards, and away from the edge of the fretboard).
It reminded me of a goose. But yeah, my ibanez does it. But my fender doesn't. Weird. It's quite annoying when I'm hitting a crazy solo that I need to do pull-offs on the bottom string with.
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I get that from my guitar too but ive never thought anything of it. SO maybe just not so wide of a vibrato would help
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trem vibrato or neck bending vibrato wouldnt hurt. Actually, bending the neck isnt such a good idea, but it works.
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Do you have anything by the nut to hold the strings down? Im a noob but my fender is supposed to have a string tee and some other lil things to hold em down and theyre missing and my high e does that too .