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I dont know if this'll sound a bit loose because of your Soild state amp ... but you could use the OD trick. Set your gain on your amp up to 10, and choose an overdrive preset on the ME and have the gain around the middle. It may make the disortion even more muddier though.
Also make sure you have the EQ on your amp setup alright for metal. Check out the Settings thread for that.
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I use the ME-50 and yeah, the distortions don't really cut it on their own. I play through a ****ty solid state ATM, so you can try what I do. I set the gain on the amp to about 5 or 6, so it sounds almost like a crappy overdrive. Than, I pick an OD from the Boss (not sure which one I'm using now, cause it's saved, maybe the "loud" setting) and set the EQ to about half, and the gain on 3-ish. So basically, the amp and Me-50 are set for overdrive-like settings. When I combine them, it gives me a pretty decent metal distortion.