Hi if someone could help me and tell me the diference between digital and analog pedal effects...which one is cheaper?? the best multi effect foryou maybe? and ive heard of something called a rack refering to efects...some1 help.
Okay, analog means it uses basic circuitry to modify a signal, people prefer analog because it's a true natural modification. Digital means using a computer, or a microprocessor of some sort to modify the sound, many people don't like this as much because it's not as natural sounding and it's simply trying to emulate an analog effect.

A rack is simply an enclosure which is used to hold many things, whether it be VCR's, Home theatre equipment, Computers, Effects Processors, anything piece of equipment that is designed to fit in the standard 19" rack. I beleive you mean rack mountable effects which are essentially like an effects pedal but it's bult into a 19" rack mountable casing, so you could mount it in a rack. This is preffered in studios, or in some bands which like to use a MIDI controller to control there effects as oppose to individual stomp boxes/pedals.

It's personal preference really, the thing is digital effects only exist in multi effects units, so any single pedal that you buy like a DS-1 for example is going to be analogue. But if you buy something like a GT-8 that's going to be digital.