basically i just want to know if a vox is good for hardcore. I cant say i've never seen a hardcore band use any, and they dont look like hardcore amps, but i dont really care about looks. I've never played one, so i wouldn't know at all. (bands such as Underoath, As I Lay Dying, The #12 Looks Like You, Atreyu sorta, im pretty sure i'll get good cleans and such out of the vox, but im not positive on the distortion. Will it be good for what i like?

I use a ibanez guitar right now and plan on my next guitar being a scheter for my next guitar in the long future as well.

I'm very interested in testing out the Valvetronix AD100vt because the kids i always play with are really loud and im afraid i'll need all 100 watts.

i cant spend much more then 500$ on my amp, and i really do need something very loud. Usually were knocking stuff off shelves and making windows rattle. Im afraid i won't be able to buy a tube yet, so im going for a SS combo