I came up with this idea to help guitarists with their techniques.

I was going to write an article about this but I think it would be more effective to do it this way!

Basically the idea of the post is to give hints and tips to guitarists who are having trouble playing a certain riff or solo they want to learn but cant because of the technique needed. This can be anything from basic slides to sweep picking.

Say i wanted help with the solo from "Cemetary Gates". The next poster would help out in some way to this post by posting links to some legato exercises or give tips on what you found the easiest way to go about learning this solo. Then the same poster would add the riff or solo he/she is having trouble with learning at the moment and the next poster would do the same and so on.

I hope this gets going because I think it is a good idea to get the most out of your playing!

I will start it off with something well known to get it started.

The outro solo to "Paradise City" by Guns n' Roses

Also if you have any ideas on how to make this topic better, feel free to give them.
First off, this probably should go into Basics or Musician talk.

Secondly, when you get stuck on learning a solo due to technique, the solutions
are all pretty much the same. You're trying to play something that's most likely
beyond what you've trained your fingers to do. Isolate the part your having
a problem with and slowly repeat & repeat it. Do other exercises that focus on
the same problem.

Some things will take months if not years to get down. Have some patience.
Usually there is no quick fix you can do to get through it. You're much better
off really getting the technique down, than making a half-assed attempt at it just
so you can "play" the solo.
I agree. I learned by rote to play the first solo bit in "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith...which is probably 10-15 seconds of playtime. However, I could never do it perfectly, because I was just....trying to do it.

Of course, I'm a bass player, and I was about a year into playing the electric guitar. Can't just pick it up and go!

The "isolation" idea that edg pointed out, I hadn't thought of....definitely worth considering.
"Isolating the Difficulty" is about the most important tool you have in your practice

For instance, if you needed to pick from the E to B string in a solo but are getting
hung up on that, you play just those few notes around that spot over and over.
Work on exercises that have a single short pattern that crosses strings. Do it with
all fingers across all strings. That will build up your skill in that specific area.

That's generally going be the case with any hard solo you come across. No one
is really going to be able to talk you through it on a forum (other than the
usual "Just practice").

If you don't have the basic finger skills down, you'll never be able to play that solo
very well. Just hope and a prayer you can make it through with no mistakes.

You might think it would take forever to learn a solo that way -- having to stop
and practice some small part over and over for a long time and a lot of
exercises. But, that's really the best way to address your problem areas and over
time that work adds up to where it all gets easier and easier.