i was wondering what are some good fender and marshall amps for 3-400 dollars....i use a satin strat, and play rock, some clean when messin around, and bunch of other stuff but not metal or country.....so if you could give me some feedback, that would be awesome....i use a kustom amp and its crap....dont buy one!
the fender G-DEC is a pretty good practice amps. It might sound a little digital but there are many cool bulit-in features that will improve your playing. Besides that, the fender champ amps are pretty good for cleans. I don't have that much experience with marshalls so i won't comment.
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nothing marshall in the 3-400 dollor range is gonna impress you a ton. there more expensive tube amps kick ass though. id say go with a smaller fender tube and like the blues junior or pro junior or somthin. they sound very nice and i think are in your price range.
Yeah, but they're ****ing tiny!

The fender FM65 (the black panel solid state) isn't THAT bad for an SS, but try it out first, it won't suit everyone. Fender's SS amps are known for a good clean and a crap everything else. These can sound pretty good, if you're lucky.

With marshalls, well, avoid the MG series. Try the AVT 20. It's small but sounds very professional. Not sure if it first the price range, though.

Also, I know this ain't fender or marshall, but there's always the Vox Valvetronix if you're looking for more versatility.
fender blues junior, and maybe pro junior. Nothing marshall makes new in that price range is worth chopping up for firewood, IMO...
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Yeah, but they're ****ing tiny!


yes yes, thats how u judge an amp.

check out a blues jr. save up for a nice OD pedal ur set.

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I love my Fender FM212R, its got an awesome clean, for a SS amp. The distortion channel isnt that bad...but it could be better. I believe its $329 on musiciansfriend or at guitar center.
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