This is a song that i wrote when i was pissed off at bush,u should be able to get the message,i mighta thought too hard on this one but check it out

Belly of the Beast
Verse 1
I was sent from a hellhole in heaven
To a place where I had no chance
At home I had dreams
Here I have nightmares come true

Verse 2
What is this for?
There is no reason for war
The man who sent us to die
Should come and join the fight

Verse 3
I wonder how it would be
If I never got into this mess
But I wonder less and less
Cause I?m never going back

I thought that we were free
Look at this place around me
Just mishandled in its own little way
By the power that made us stay

Sitting under god?s sight
Staring at the belly of the beast
Staring at the pain around me
Staring at the man who said that we were free
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