i'm trying to get a pedal to boost my sound for lead work. here's my current set up (from first in chain to last):

Chromatic Tuner (Boss)
7-band EQ (Boss)
Noise Suppressor (Boss..again...)
Distortion (Boss MD-2...)
Modulation (Marshall Regenerator)
-- back to Noise Suppressor as a loop --

any suggestions on what i could use (ive had suggestions of an OD with level up and drive low, and fuzz boxes)?
active volume pedal. I believe ernie ball makes one.

as far as switching between two preset volumes, ive made myself a passive volume box, which works pretty well.
sweet....i could have a shot at making one (ive been thinking of having a shot at a projct lately)...know of any websites to find plans or blueprints on what ive gotta do? i can get the parts and caasing from the local hardware stores around thanks much!
As far as your gear goes, the GE-7 can be used as a volume boost pedal as long as its in the fx loop.
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As far as your gear goes, the GE-7 can be used as a volume boost pedal as long as its in the fx loop.

true, i read up on that on the boss website and harmony-central...im liking the idea of a boost/mild overdrive possiblity with the Snakebite though...would be cheaper than buying another EQ just for a boost too...
Do the Snakebite if you want just a volume/gain boost, but if you want a treble, bass, and mid boost, look at this http://aronnelson.com/gallery/album18/THE_PUSHER_BOOST . I am actually building that after im finished with my current build.
the Pusher is tempting....maybe i should go into more detail on what kinda of lead sound i like the most...is there a project that could pull off an Iommi boost?
i think it's a gain boost...its said he used a fuzzbox to get that solo boost.

EDIT: listen to Paranoid by Black Sabbath and you'll get me LOL...but then again, I like versatility...
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For the solo he uses a Ring Modulator. A fuzz will get you a close tone though. Fuzz builds are fuzzy distortions. Its totally different from a boost so if you want that, then heres some fuzz build suggestions:
http://fuzzcentral.tripod.com/index.html (a bunch of fuzz's to build.)
http://www.runoffgroove.com/articles.html (check out Tantalus Project, Sili-Face, Sili-Face II, and Multi-Face. Multiface is very versitile. I am building a 4-in-1 fuzz pedal based on the Multiface. you can check out the build in the link in my sig.)
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just checked out the 4uzz...likin' the idea man...thanks for the suggests and stuff man

No problem. Make a thread under the Customizing forum once you start. Everyone loves to watch and help through a pedal build.
You could also use your EQ as a boost. Or a tubescreamer (or similar type pedal). Or a volume pedal.
you can make a solo boost with any amp that has a footswitchable efffects loop. just plug a dummy plug or one end of a cable you dont use into the send (i think) it wont hurt anything to try. set the effect volume knob or whatever to about 5 out of 10 and set the rhythem volume with the effects switch on. then when you push it it will be loud....i know not very clear...PM me and ill do it with my amp and tell you exactly how.
MXR micro amp?
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