Okay I know what they are and what you are supposed to do but i can't get it right
any tips?


how do you do an eight finger tap like in that "throught the fire and the flames" dragonforce song?
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well, the first thing you have to do is get a decent sounding harmonic...you do this by "pinching" the string in the sense that you touch your thumb to the string immediately after the plectrum...you should also do this at a spot that produces a strong harmonic, preferrably where the 24th or 32-36th frets would be located...after you have the sucker squealing, you just bend...you may find it more "scream-like" if you apply a wide vibrato to give it a pulsating effect...as for the eight-finger tapping, i haven't seen the tab but i would guess executing three consecutive hammer ons (along with the first picked note) with your fretting hand and tapping four more notes with your picking hand...i would also assume that Li and Totman would most likely perform this with their hands over the top of the neck to help mute lower strings and just look flashy
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