ok so I have B.C. Rich warlock and i thought my cable was screwed up...so i bought a new badass cable and realized the problem is with the jack itself...so i opened it up and saw what i usually see (i think) so does anyone know what the problem may be??
Whats the problem, we can't help if we don't know whats going on.
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oh well it's plugged in and i can't hear any sound besides, say, when i touch the strings there's like a click but yeah other than that, i'm getting no sound
maybe your ground wire is disconected
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ohh ok i didn't think of that haha...but hmm i was just messing with the jack while the cable is plugged in and i was kinda moving the wire around and at times i could hear actual sound, it wasn't very loud at all, but i could hear myself playing some of the strings...i duno if that helps at all..
check your wiring/sodering, make sure the clip that holds the cable is tight and achually holding the cable (bend it in a little)