i have a carvin sc90 that i want to swap out the pickups on, as i think the guitar is put together well (walnut body neck thru ebony fretboard with wilkinson tremelo) but the pickups dont do much for me. it has coil splitters, does that make it alot harder to change, and what suggestions for new pickups on this thing. i want a good metal chunk out of the bridge and a warm jazzy neck sound. i was thinking maybe a prs for the neck and maybe a dimebucker for the bridge. thanks
i hear quite a bit of bad about the dimebucker - if you're looking for dimebags sound get a bill lawrence xl500

i would suggest possibly a sh-2 jazz at the neck and an sh-4 JB at the bridge (both seymour duncan.) Quite a few metal guitarists have used a JB - Michael Amott(Arch Enemy) Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) and possible Randy Rhoades
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how much you willing to spend? its h/h right? are there any other electrical options included?