The strings on my acoustic guitar are way too far off the neck. This makes bar chords hard as hell. How can I make them closer? Adjusting the truss rod? Using sand paper on the bridge?
Don't Let me down!
I have no idea what the name of the piece is on english, but set the piece in the body that holds the strings down.
Your best bet I think would be to take it somewhere and have the truss rod adjusted by someone who knows what they're doing.
I dont think it has anything to do with your truss rod. You've got too much action, get less by filing down your bridge. or just keep playing and your hand will eventually get strong enough to play.
It could be one of two things. There is a chance it's your tuss rod, if you turn it too far the bend on the neck is too much and the strings are way way way off the fret board. However, it might not be the tuss rod.

More likely, it's your action. Take your guitar into a shop and ask about getting a standard set up, or ask them to figure out what's wrong first.

Please don't file it down yourself. Once you file your guitar, you can't un-file it. You could just f*ck your guitar up further. Especially if you don't know what you're doing.

Filing it yourself is very very bad advice. Shame on everyone who suggested it.
^-- shame on everyone who has posted in this thread actually, lol. first of all, you don't want to sand your bridge, you want to sand your saddle down. it's not that hard to do by yourself and if you do screw it up... it's not that hard or expensive to replace unless you have a bone saddle. adjusting the truss rod may or may not be necessary, but it isn't necessary to lower your action. if you're comfortable working on your guitar yourself then this is a very doable procedure (sanding down the saddle to adjust the action)... if you aren't comfortable doing it, take it somewhere else and pay 40-80 bucks to have it done.
I've never looked into how much replacing parts are myself....I perfer not screwing things up in the first place. I've never had anyone show me how to work on a guitar, so I've never felt comfortable working on it. But thats just one man's opinion.