I tried them a while back, really nice strings IMO. I just hated that the coating would come off and they looked like really dirty strings, lol.
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Think Dime used to use DR strings. I tried em and thought they were really good but have trouble finding shops that sell em so just stick to earny ball's
if theyre the black ones. well some guy fitted them onto a jeff hanneman sig and it looked real nice though i dont know how long it last
Alright. DR strings rock! Period! People will tell you that all strings are the same and that there are only 5 actual factories that make strings for all the different companies. DR strings are made in the factory that Fender owns and has been this way for a while, still, they are mand the way DR wants them made. I use DR strings exclusively and they rock. I can hang on to a set of DR's for about three weeks, I musrder strings in about one week so there ya go. Check out my video on my myspace profile, I'm playing anSG with DR's that have been on there for about three weeks. As for black beauties. They are just coated strings, the coating protects from sweat and dirt and makes them last even longer. The Black Beauties are of course black but they come in many different colors. And Dime did use DR.

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the black beauties are great strings... they'll last you several months at a time... from my own personal experience

the one true drawback with using coated strings of any sort on electric is that the coating prevents the guitar from grounding the excess electricity through your body.. so you get extra hum, and touching the strings doesn't stop it.