Okay, never really done the whole Gp5 song before- you'll find me in the songwriting and lyrics forum most the time.

This includes lyrics aswell, if you want to comment on them.

Oh, and there is a drum track, butit is empty, if anyone is really bored and feels like putting some drums into this, be my guest, just don't go brandishing the whole song as your work- also, post it if you have drums, I'd like to see what you've got.

If you want me to check out your piece, just leave a link.

Called "Ode to Your Faces".
Ode to Your Faces.zip
WAY too repetitive. I guess Nirvana was kind of that way, but man, I lost interest in like 30 seconds to be completely honest. Good try though, try and write some harmonies or something using another guitar.
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I... I'll just be honest, it didn't go well at all. I thought the main guitar riff was nice the first time I heard it, but hated it with all my heart all three thousand times after it. The guitar leads were boring and flat... not to mention incomplete - or at least it seem so to me. Honestly, you need to scrap this and start from scratch. Take your raw pieces and set yourself a new rule for composition: Never repeat a single bar more than 10 times in a single song EVER. This allows you to repeat a chorus or whatever, but will stop this wanton and insane repitition of a two bar riff for the entire duration of the song.
way too much repitition, and the distortion guitar parts sounded horrible. The solo was a poor attempt and parts of it didnt fit.
Just as everyone said, it is way too repetitive.

The acoustic plays the same exact pretty much through the whole song, except before the breaks. The bass part in the outro chorus would be better if you played an E instead of a B. The solo was just a mess, sorry but it is. And it seems like there is too many verses for a song like this, in my opinion.

It's clear that you aren't familiar with GP but it's a start. It'll get better.

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