Just finished installing all the hardwear n pups. I love it. Its a 92 Gibson Explorer, I wanna get an aged pearloid pickguard and then its done. Its got black Sperzel Locking tuners, EMG 81 & 89 pups and gotoh bridge. I moved the switch coz I hated where it was before and its just got two volume knobs. SWEET !

Wow, that looks awesome. How much did you pay for that?
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OHHHHHHHHHH man LMAO now that's what i call getting pwned.

Nice work Fender, seriously.
£650 for the guitar. £170 for the Pick-ups and another £100 for all the hardware. Im gonna try n sell all the original hardware and pups if anyones interested !

Done it to finally satisfy my Hetfield fetish ( plus I couldnt find an ESP Explorer for love nor money! )
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Im unsure about gettin the aged Pearloid pick guard for it, Whats everyone think? It'll be slightly yellow to match the finish better.