You look down your nose
At everyone That Goes
You think you're better
Than anyone one
Under the sky
You'll never be like them, you say

What you don't know
is that you are poor
You step into a poor town
and to you, they look like a clown
You laugh in their face
Like they're a disgrace
To the whole human race

You're going down
without a frown
but just a smile
To let them know
that you're worhty of a crown
in your mind

You're shallow as hell
Like some evil spell
you only base on looks
whatever you can hook
as long as he looks
like some movie star

Oh, When you lose
all your wealth
You don't wanna know
what you thought
of them.

The rythm is loosely based on the rythm of "I don't Believe you (She acts like we never have met)" by Bob Dylan.
Don't Let me down!
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