I need help, I want to buy a digitech gnx4 on the internet because in the u.s.a. they are a lot cheaper. but will i be able to use it here(spain)? because i think we use a different voltage!(in spain 220 volt). if so can this be fixed??

Thanx a lot!!!
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it's a different voltage. it might work if you get a voltage transformer (i'm not certain though). But at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself how much you're saving. You're liable to get charged a lot for shipping, around 25% for customs, and around 50 euro (probably) for a voltage transformer...

EDIT: maybe not though, those multi-fx units work on lower voltages, perhaps, like fx pedals (again, I'm not certain). But you'll still have to pay a lot for shipping and customs.
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