I am looking at saving up for a head and I've been looking around I've foudn this onehttp://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/B52-ST100A-100W-AllTube-Amplifier-Head?sku=481302. I play a thrash metal to Lynyrd Skynyrd kind of stuff so I want something with good distortion but great cleans. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this amp? If this isn't a very good amp could someone give me suggestions in the same price range ($600). The main thing I want is an amp with good cleans and enough gain to do Lynyrd Skynyrd and Classic rock because I have a pedal to put in front of the dirty channel. Also what would be a good cab for this amp?

Please don't say to go around and look at amps because I live in Oklahoma and there are not any good music stores around here.
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Looking for: an acoustic, recording gear, or $
Haven't played the ST-100, but I own the AT 100W. It's a very good tube amp for the price (little more than $700 USD). The two gain channels have a lot of versatility and it's loud as hell. If you are on a budget look into an Avatar cabinet with some Vintage 30's.
I own the AT-100 also. I love it. It can do Lynyrd Skynyrd and classic rock pretty well. If that is what you are going to mainly be playing though check out the Peavey Classic 50 head or 212. This may suit you better. If you want a gain monster for under $1000 then check the B-52 AT series out.
I bought a B-52 AT-100 Head paired with marshall cabs.. I also run a Mesa Triaxis Pre Amp... It's ridiclous how you can fine tune the amp with triaxis.
I've played the AT-100 at GC and thought it was a good amp for the price, I'm thinking about selling my Randall to help me get it. If you really wanted to try one you could go to Guitar Center in Ok. City, or Dallas/Ft. Worth might be a little closer to Hugo.