Hello i wonder whats the difference between nickel electric guitar strings and the "usual" ones. I am going to buy new strings and put them on for the first time so i want to know what kind of strings to buy for my Squier Strat.
doesnt really matter what strings you put on a squier strat...its still gonna sound like ****
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not COMPLETELY true...
i remember the days of my old strat, and getting high quality strings amde it sound better
nickel are the "usual" ones but i hear bronze strings and nickel coated or something like that is good too...
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most of the comapnies makes decent strings, its just a thing of personal preference. Try any of them really D'Addario, Ernie Ball, DR, GHS, Dean Markley, Rotosound, Elixer and so on...
all right, so the ernie ball normal slinkies ( i think they are called so) should be a good choice?
and yeah squiers sux but can't afford anything better now.

Oh and one more thing,I have a Squier strat and a fender G-DEC, and when i touch the string without touching on a metall part of my guitar i get a loud click sound from my amp, might this be that the strings are crappy or that something is wrong with my hardware?
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yeah ernie ball regular slinkies should do fine
no point in buying 20 dollar strings for a squier
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