ok, im looking to mount a floyd on my hss. I'm wondering about costs? first off, i want an original floyd, and also ill need to hollow out the cavity, how would that cost? also i was wondering, will a floyd rose screw up the sustain on the guitar?
orgional floyd rose's are quite pricey, and with the routering involved you may be looking at quite a hefty bill
slightly more specific price? also main thing is will it harm sustain?
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ive looked into it alot. i want ot do it with mine.

but routing will cost a lot

and a new origional floyd rose chrome is like $170

im thikinin almos tliek $250 an dup maybe, i dont know
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The other posts one thread about the cost of mounting a FR and he said a store charges him $350 bucks for installation.
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and that's it.
For $350 you should just sell your guitar and use the money plus the $350 you would have invested in yours and get one from the factory.


Its mexican model # 113-4700 RETAIL price is $714 so you could probably get it for $500.


Besides once you home-brew that Floyd onto it you would get less for trade in than a standard vintage trem mexican strat.
the easiest way to stay in tune may be just to buy some schaller or sperzel locking tuners and put the smallest bit of axl grease in the nut under the strings.
not really. since they use a locking nut which will most likely make the locking tuners pretty useless. and yeh i think it is an OFR thats on that model