Let Me Save You

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Her formless beauty
Stalked by my pride
Out in the open
In the reflection of mirrors
Shadows seek light
You will never shed a tear


Let me . . .
Take you away on my wings of light
When you stumble and fall I will take flight
Let my kiss heal your pain
Feel this cleansing rain
Your fears are my enemy
You demons my slain

Let. Me. Save. You.

Tumbling down
I fear to catch
Will she fall into my arms
Or will darkness snatch
Away, her from my heart
I will go after you there
Into the dark
For in the puzzle of my life
You are the only missing part


My life I will give
If only to see your face
Your savior I will never siece to be
Your presence is all I wish to receive
Let me see your light and your soul
I?ll show you, my darkness, my void, and my wretched soul
Without light there are no shadows
Be my light
For I am already you shadow

(Chorus x2)
not bad. you have some great rhymes, but the repeat of "soul" towards the end didn't really work for me. 8/10.