The way i am trying to learn the fretboard its going to take me years. How did you learn the notes on the fretboard?
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Sup bro,
The way i learned is to start preferring to the strings by their note and not their number. Well i dont know how much you know of your fretboard but maybe this will help.

You know music is made up of the following notes A,A#,B,C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G# then it all starts back over starting with A and going through the same pattern again.
For if you were in standard your E String Bottom and Top would follow this pattern

E Open, F first fret, F# second fret, G third fret, G# fourth fret, A fifth fret, A# sixth fret, B seventh fret, C eigth fret, C# nineth fret, etc

You get the point, What you need to do is learn your E string first (the reason being there are 2 strings on the guitar in E) and then start learning the rest. Try to quiz your self from time like try to find all the G notes on the e strings and then all the c notes (so on and so forth) then do it with the rest of the strings.(trust me it takes a little time but ones you learn it you want forget it)

Well i hoped i have helped in someway.

peace bro
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does that fret2fret thing work?? i wudnt want to waste my money on it and then forit to be a load of bull yano?
I just kept on playing the Circle of 4ths (Yes, 4ths) on each string til' I memorized it.

(Teacher's Idea)
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If your in an alternate tuning bro with something like Eb and crap there are such things called "enharmonics" meaning different name same tone. I dont know if you know this or not but here are the enharmonics

A# = Bb
B# = C
C# = Db
D# = Eb
E# = F
F# = Gb
G# = Ab

so if your confused like WTF im in Drop E half step down, then that should help you
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The way i am trying to learn the fretboard its going to take me years. How did you learn the notes on the fretboard?

I learned the bottom two strings first, at the same time as I was learning the two basic barre chord shapes (E shape and A shape). I also learned how to make the corresponding minor shapes (Em and Am shapes).

So then, given any basic chord (major or minor) I could quickly find a few places on the neck to play it. This was very helpful.

Then I started learning how the basic pentatonic scale shapes related to these two main chord shapes. For example in G, I knew how to use one scale shape at the third fret, the same place I could play a G barre chord using an E shape), and another scale shape at the 10th fret (the same place I could play a G barre chord using an A shape)

Then I forgot all about learning notes and just started doing it visually, relating the shapes for licks I learned to the underlying chord map (the E and A shape barre chords), expanding it to the D and C chords. Later I learned this was basically the CAGED system for finding your way around the neck, altho I didn't know it at the time.

Then after several more years I learned about relative pitch, and music theory, and how to use your ear. Much more convenient to think in terms of scale degree (b3, #4, etc), it becomes more of an instinctual thing, you don't stop to think about the names of notes you are playing, you just "know" the scale degree, relative to both the key and to the current chord.

So after 35+ years of playing, I still don't know all the note names on the guitar neck. But I can find my way around it pretty well.

YMMV ...
for me it was when is tarting playing power chords and i had to know the root note to know what chord i was laying so i started learnign all the ones on the bottom two strings, that was easy then i got motivated and learned the rest. its all a pattern man.
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