I have been playing guitar for almost a year and now that it is summer time I finally have had a chance to record some of my stuff. My cousin plays the drums in these two songs but we aren't officially a band.

The two songs are called Polar Bear and Buckin Bronco.

Give me some advice and what you did and didn't like...

The riffs aren't all that bad, but they're the same pretty much in all of the songs. You don't switch your tone up enough, so it gets boring. The production quality is pretty much the worst I've ever heard, too. The drummings pretty good.
Yeah we recorded it with his like 5 dollar microphone and in a really small room so it really distorted it. And I agree now that I listen to the guitar riffs in both songs. I'll see if I can come up with something else...
polar bear - yeah, that recording quality is pretty bad dude catchy riffs though (from what i could hear) a little short but w/e

buckin bronco - i like this one better.. but honestly dude i really can't hear the guitar at all so i can't give you a good crit, sorry bro
It's alright. We had to record these songs up at his house cause he has drums. I'm working on buying drums for my house because I have a better recording programa and mic. All he had was the stupid windows recorder which only records for a little bit or else you have to click it real fast. Thanks anyway dude.
wow, i couldnt even really hear the riff...get some better recording stuff man lol
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