I have found out that i need help on guitar. I really hate asking for help as i am the one usually providing it. But i really need to know what must i do to become a great guitarist? To be able to play any style? To know everything that is needed to know to play anything? I really need this.
Dont stress.....and dont care about whatever other's think about your playing just keep at it and do whatever the **** you want...........
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Practice constantly, don't listen to what everyone says, ANYONE can be a master of guitar, all it takes is time. Learn your chords fluidly, learn your scales and get yourself a teacher.
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Sounds like you're striving too much to be the "perfect" know-all guitarist. Sure, everyone wants to be that kind of guitarists, but it's almost impossible because 1)Most guitarists lack the determination or sheer tolerance to like and be able to play "everything", and 2)Even if they did have this kind of persevereance, there are simply too many styles out there to have them all be conquered, even for the best of guitarists.
The next best thing you can do would be to learn everything that you possibly like, if you even can. Think of every genre that you like, and try to find out the basic building blocks of each particular style. If you like Baroque/Classical stuff, study some counterpoint, learn some chord progressions, learn pieces from essential composers, etc. If you like rock music, learn the basic blues and pentatonic scales, look into different guitarists' styles, and again, learn to play some stuff from your favorite bands and stuff.
I guess all that you can really do is fully immerse yourself in everything you want to learn. If you're as serious about this as you sound, you're definitely going to have to know your stuff.
Don't mean to overwhelm you or anything; you can take it slowly. But the goal you're shooting for is ridiculously out of reach, and it won't come to you easy. If you have confidence in yourself and study hard (and practice like crazy), you can at least get somewhere.
Just don't get ahead of yourself and expect to ever really know "everything" there is to know on guitar, because it's just fact that that's never gonna happen.
Go with jazz. You have to know a ton of theory! Good luck.
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What makes a good guitarist is someone who plays what they like, with emotion. As long as you put feeling into the music, and keep everything sounding good, you are a good guitarist.
I basically play really well now. Really fast, I just see all these other people posting everywhere. Screaming like bloody murder about this entire S*** I just am foreign to. I don?t even use it in my music; if I do I don?t know about it. I do know my chords really well. I play a lot of barre chords, Half step down, whole step down. Not the biggest fan of D because it limits my variety on sound and all. But I just feel kind of obsolete to people around here because people are just talking all this foreign stuff I don?t even use in my music. Neither do the artist I really listen to. I basically make the sound that I need to get my stuff. I use chords; I use legato, Tremolo, a lot of fast alternate picking, smooth notes, transition, bends, and all of that. I do want to be a know-it-all guitarist, because based on how a lot of people put it that?s what you have to be to make music. For me I just basically start off with chords, get the harmonies and all of that down. Make good transitions, tempo, consistency, and riffs, basically all of that. I don?t have a band though, is that probably why I feel so obsolete and not great at making full-fledged songs? I mean I can play all of that metallica, megadeth stuff with ease.
The songs i play are mainly alot of power chords. Standard, Drop D, Half Step down, Whole step down, 2 whole steps down. Stuff like that. Dropped C. Anything like that. I play mainly metal stuff or anything in that area.

I play some simple songs, but that is for practice like rammstein, nothing else matters. Or whatever.

The thing i mean by foreign is i never was able to really get into the pentatonic stuff or any of that because the way i play i dont really use that kind of stuff. Unless i dont know i am. I do use scale patterns. I dont really look into HEY ITS A C SCALE. or ne of that. For sweep i use a C arpeggio after the 12th fret and add onto that mainly. But with scales i hear so many ppl worship them. What do i need to know about scales? That is the only area i really have foreigness in. I can get awesome sound, tone, i am very good with speed, alternate picking and all of that. I want to know what is the basic tech. S*** i need to learn.
get a guitar teacher, and maybe pick up a couple of instructional dvds.
also, practice doesnt make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect. in other words, focus on the little things. make sure your picking form, technique, etc... is all correct. i spent 1 1/2 years playing with my arm tensed up, and after i realized i was basically getting nowhere, i found out that playing relaxed works much better.
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Quote by subzero3009
The thing i mean by foreign is i never was able to really get into the pentatonic stuff or any of that because the way i play i dont really use that kind of stuff....

Um, well I don't really know the "way you play". If you're just learning tabs, I
suppose you don't really need to know any scales. If you want to be able to
improvise well scales are critical. Chords come from scales and scales give you a
structure for relating to a chord progression. There's plenty of places you can find
that info out if you are so inclinded. It's not something you can get from a forum

Quote by subzero3009
That is the only area i really have foreigness in. I can get awesome sound, tone, i am very good with speed, alternate picking and all of that....

Well, maybe you are, maybe you aren't. I have no idea. But, based on your posts
so far, I think it might be likely you have lots of areas you need to work on. That
is, if it's important to you to become a great guitarist.
I know how you feel, I dont like scales either (though I like them better than a metronome). Adding to Trivium05, take songs by sections if your learning songs, dont try to play it all the way through, then go back to where you screwed and try to fix it. Focus on areas of playing that are hard for you and iron out the kinks.

And get a teacher. Teachers can be harsh (like mine), but remember that its in your best interests to practice what they say to practice...
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