i would like to know everyones favorite beatles song before they started heading over to the psycodlic side of the spectrum... I'd say any albums from meet the beatles to a few off rubber soul... my favorite is in my life
I Want To Hold Your Hand, I like to play that on guitar, In my Life is a great song too.
Norwegion (sp?) wood
Peter: "I read it in a book one time."
Brian: "are you sure? are you sure it wasn't just NOTHING!!!!??!?"
Peter: "Oh yeah..."
norwegian wood kinda started the use of the sitar up but i guess its still before the psychalic stuff
I Feel Fine.
You know the bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar
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and as for what my ipod says drive my car... help!... and im looking through you are my top played old ones
im a fan of the already mentioned songs. even its kind of during the experimental days, "Oh Darling" is really good and in that style
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I prefer the band's later material, but if I had to choose from their earlier stuff, I'd probably say "Love Me Do" is one of my favorites.