i'm looking into buying a jackson rhoads model of some sort. is there any rhoads or king v model that doesnt have a locking trem? i know theres the rr1 and rr5 but i cant frind prices on either? idk. i'm looking to spend like 600 on one. thanks.
the rr5 is about twice as much as you said you wanted to spend while the rr1 is about twice as the rr5 (about 2k...depending on finish) the rr3 fits your price range better but has a locking trem (so does the rr1 btw). however ive heard that guitar center offers an rr3 without a trem? i thout i read something about that before, but i could definately be wrong. if you look on ebay you might find a v/rr with no trem in your price range.
the RR1 is around $2000, but it does have a FR

the RR5 is around $1500, and does not have a FR

there is a $300 rhoads model, yet its rather ****ty looking
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The RR1 is available in a fixed bridge string-thru version (RR1T) but it still costs the same which i find to be pointless, because it's basically a RR5 with ebony and black hardware for almost 2x the cost.

Also the RR5 is more along the lines of $1100 if we're talking USD.

anyways the JS series would be the only ones that would fit into your price range, but you could look for a used RR5 or a RR3 and block off the trem.