Ok I usually play Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms because I tune down a lot. However the Ernie Balls just don't last long enough and I don't have a high enough budget to buy Elixirs. What do you recommend for Metal/Thrash that will last a long time and won't cost me a fortune?
Ask in your local guitar store, they'll know what the score is.

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GHS Boomers. 10's or 11's. Or you could go with the Zakk Wylde Customs.

Would I have to adjust the truss rod if I were to put on the Zakk Wylde customs? Because they are extremely thick.
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Most likely. Depends on how strong the wood on your neck is.

The neck is made of bolt-on maple. Do you think I would have to?
Probably. But a lot of times Zakk's strings don't even fit into the tuning pegs properly so I would go with the GHS 11's.