i want to get a trynor amp after hearing so many good things about them. my first question is whether i should go for the 40 watt model or the 15 watt model. ill be using it for home use mostly and am not sure if ill be able to get a good tone out of the 40 watter on a low volume. other than the wattage, they are pretty much the same amp. next i was wondering what kind of distortion/od pedal you suggest to take this beast into metal territory. maxon 808?


I am hopefully going to order the ycv40 this friday and i also would like to know about which od pedal would work the best.
Ive played 4 traynor tube amps and they sound good but not enough distortion for me, without pedals Id say AC/DC are its limits. I would just save $200 and get a Peavey Valveking 50watt for $399 from MF. Or spend a bit more and get a Peavey XXX 50.

The Traynor uses 3 12AX7 tubes in the preamp as does the Valveking, the number of preamp tubes cascaded correlates directly to the amount of built-in gain/distortion the amp will make. Peavey XXX, JSX use 4 12AX7s, the 6505 uses 5, the 6505+ uses 6!, A mesa Rectifier uses 5 I believe, Mesa Mark IV 4, Krankenstien uses 4, ENGL 4 or more, Bogners 4 or 5. A marshall JCM 800 only has 3 and I always need a pedal in front of it to get the distortion I like while the JCM 2000 and TSL60 use 4. Zakk's JCM800s are modified with 4 preamp tubes. My Peavey Triumph PAG 60 (which is the forerunner to the XXX) uses 4 and sounds basically identical to a XXX minus a presence control, big deal.

So save a few bucks and get a Valveking http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Peavey-ValveKing-112-Combo-Amp?sku=481442 or spend a few more than the $624 Traynor and get a XXX or better.
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Meh, i think it can get pretty heavy when you put the boost on using the footswitch, it's like an entirely new distortion channel, minus controls for it to adjust how much gain etc. which is a shame.

As for boosts, if you live in the US I hear a Keeley Modded DS-1 is a good option. Maxon OD9 is a good one as well, as is the Jekyl and Hyde or however you spell it. It's a distortion pedal/OD pedal in one chassis.
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if its just home use then use the 15 watt model

Yes that sounds like a good idea, no thats not sarcasm
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yes it is considering its 15 watts tube not solid state. and you know Australia is going to beat England in the Ashes
15 will also be enough for band pratise, i played a Fender Blues Jr. and easly cutted through the mix with volume on 2.
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im considering getting the 40 watt because it has a 3 band eq on both channels, which i dont think the 15 watt does. also i could add a cab later and use it as a head.
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im considering getting the 40 watt because it has a 3 band eq on both channels, which i dont think the 15 watt does. also i could add a cab later and use it as a head.

but like said you wanna use it for bedroom practice and i use 40 watt tube for band practice and it still kills anyone else in the band. you called also add an eq pedal for that extra tuning your sound