Iv never built a peddle before i was thinking About building a fuzz face. Do you think i could make one out of things i find on the side of the road like old TVs and radios.
Maybe, better to just buy the parts from radioshack for $20. Plus if you start opening up radio's and all that you might get shocked
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Well, I suppose it would be possible to make a pedal out of bits and pieces, but it would be hard to get all the right bits from old radios and stuff.
it would end up being ALOT cheaper and easier just to buy a pedal, they are only like 75$ish... and plus, what would be the point in spending all that time and money to put a pedal togethar out of junk that you found? it would prolly end up not sounding all that good and mabey not work at all
It's gonna take you a while to find all the parts you need. Test them out, use crappy pcb mounted parts and try to solder the 5mm leads they have on them to other parts.

And you'd STILL need to buy some sort of box, input/output jacks, wire, power source (either DC in or 9v plug), The components you'd be able to salvage from old TV's and radios would save you maybe, MAYBE, $3-$5.

Also, if you don't already have it, you need to buy a soldering iron, solder, possibly drill equipment, etc.
It would be so much easier to go to www.smallbearelec.com and just order the parts you need. They are only .15$. Unless you are in extreme poverty, in which you shouldnt be even worrying about building a pedal, I think you can afford a few bucks in parts to save yourself about 50$ from building instead of buying new.