My cousin bought me these acoustic-electric guitars in the philipines, and i can't tell what type of they are. I'm sure its some ripp off of Kay brands or something.

And this guitar

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well the first one looks alot like an ovation, and read the headstock for the second one. Also for the first one read the little sticker on the inside, if its in english.
wow, your quite simple...

ovation is liek the only kind of guitar that is plastic back and has holes like that
or that headstock from the first picture i could tell. how much did ur cousin pay and how do they sound. im intrigued.
They are obviously Ovation COPIES!, no real Ovations. I know their minor label is Applause, so it's not anything associated with Ovation.

What letter is that on the headstock, you think? If it's a V, then it may be Vantage, which is originally a UK-dominant brand made in Japan. If it's an A, then it may just be an Applause.
My cousin got the first one for about $90 US, and the the second one for $30 US

The letter looks like a K, but i dunt know

He said the person told him they were made in japan
Well the first one doesn't look like any Ovation or Applause i've ever seen.
To Threadstarter: look at the sticker through the upper soundholes, like Gitter_Wizard recommended
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I checked, it doesent tell me a brand, it just has a large Letter, like the one it has on the head. But it says a model number, a date, and it says "Japan Design"