Hey there.

I tried to make a nice acoustic version of The hero will drown by Story of the year.

So I tuned down my guitar to daddad or however it is, and this is the result.

Vocals are a bit shaky here and there.

Tell me what you think

And leave a link for your songs so I can comment too.

I only have one guitar, sue me..
I wish I had four hands..... so I could give that song FOUR thumbs up!

haha good job, man. very well done
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Drumming on a street light
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Thanks <3
Any constructive criticism?

um... I guess maybe turn the volume down on the back up vocals a little bit?
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
I'll remake this diddy some day now, with better mixed vocals and whatnot, going to a friends house in about 3 weeks, and he has a tiny "studio" so I'm gonna record some acoustic **** there...

Thanks for all the kind words tho <3
I only have one guitar, sue me..
Sounds great actually, only problem is it can't be downloaded O ya, and the backing vocals are a bit too loud, but still sounds really good.
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Sweet, this is really good, as everybody before me has said. Nice work.
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