So, I know how to setup the intonation on a guitar, but this time it's not working right, simply put.

I believe the saddles on this guitar are supposed to be set with the bottom 3 strings at a slant and the top 3 with the slant facing the tailpiece, as I've seen on numerous pictures.

I've attempted setting the intonation after tuning, but the guitar stays sharp for many many turns. When I do get it right, it will slip out of intonation and be sharp again.

I've also tried loosening the strings, and estimating the turns to take in order for it to be set relatively close, but still, same problem.

I may add this is with only the top 3 strings (GBE), and that I've used the first method multiple times in order to intonate the guitar, and it has worked up until now.

If anyone who could give me any help on this, I would greatly appreciate it..

Also I should note that I am going out of town to Denver this weekend and will be at the GC I bought it at. Should I just pay the $20 to get it set up professionally? I'm sure there are other things besides this that need attending to, so I'm assuming this would be a good idea nonetheless. Just gotta swallow my pride and let someone else do it for once, eh?
sometimes a saddle will slip when the screw is loose or stripped.
having three different saddles slip, is strange.

the saddle slanted in or out isnt going matter, it only comes into play, if you need to point it out to get more wiggle room if u need a longer string.
sometimes a intonation is just out of reach, because the saddle is out at its max.
that doesnt seem like the case with u.

urs seems like slipping saddles. on maybe a bridge post?

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